Injured by former jealousy ....

Hi everyone,

I'm in need of advice. After years of searching, I found him, with a very large H. I've been terrified to fall in love, you get so vulnerable then, but now after a very short time I feel just love with this man. As the distance is so far between us, I can build such a longing and lack of warmth throughout my body until see you next time. He has shown and given me so much for a short time as I barely knew that you could give someone, tenderness, closeness and confirmation. He told me early that he stands for honesty, which I appreciate most of all. Everyone sees us with different experiences of life, I have my story of lies in a relationship that has really colored me and so I honestly appreciate something enormous. He has his story of being exposed to jealousy. So about a week ago, I seem to have sabba all our history, only a few words needed, some lines he interpreted in his way while I meant something completely different. And there he found trends that I'm jealous, which I definitely are not !!

Any idea, suggestions would be appreciated ,