How to loose weight

I am a diabetes patient and I am gaining weight.
I need to loose weight. I do alot of Walkings and it seems like it's not helping me at all.
I eat sweet stuffs sometimes when I have the urge. I have problems with my knee too.
I really need someone to help me , give me motivation to loose the weight and advice on the food to eat and not to eat.
Please advice me.

Thank you

Svar: How to loose weight

My Knowledges about diabetes 1 is that the more insulin you take the more bodyfat you you will get when it comes to sweet tings that provides a lager amount of insulin. But its of course important that you take the right amount compared to What you are eating to keep your Hba1c in a healthy level. Just walking might not help you its more about what you put in your mouth that matters. Sweet things seems to go down the throat easier than we sometimes admit or realise.